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Camel Information:
History, Facts and Resources

Not only are camels unique and fascinating animals, their domestication and subsequent use has earned them a place in the history and exploration of many countries throughout the world.

On this page, we have built a resource of informative and interesting articles, on all aspects of camels, from their origins, breeding and training to the place in history.

Camel Links On this page we have collected links to various other interesting camel sites around the world.

A Brief History of Camels In general terms this is a very good overview of the camel.

Camels in Australia How did camels get to Australia, and what were they used for here.

About Camels Describes the physical features of the camel and the adaptations for its desert life.

Camel Biology How many young do they have, how big do they grow, what do they weigh and what diseases affect them?

The Camels Life What do camels eat, how many stomachs do they have, and how long can they go without water?

People & Camels Millions of people in Africa and Asia depend on camels for all their needs. 

The Uses of Camels Apart from tourism, there are other products produced by camels, such as milk, wool, meat and hides for tanning for leather.

The Longest Fence in The World Completed in 1907, the No1 Rabbit Proof Fence built across Western Australia, probably wouldn't have been possible without the use of the camel.



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